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My name is Laurie Mollin. I chose the name Abacus because it was the first accounting computer.  And at the time I was primarily installing and training computerized accounting systems.  Then my clients started asking me for help on Word-processing and spreadsheets.  This evolved into programming and database design.  Then came desktop publishing. 

I had my own consulting business in Connecticut called CT Software, Inc. doing all of this until we moved to Callaway, Virginia near Roanoke.  I went to work for Entré Computer Center where I ended up teaching all their classes and supporting accounting systems as well as creating custom databases.  I taught Computer Art at Ferrum College where I learned a great deal of what I use now in creating logos and optimizing digital photographs.

Meanwhile my husband, Harry Mollin and I raised a herd of about forty llamas in Callaway, Virginia.  I created my first website to promote our llamas.  Then my accounting and consulting clients starting asking me to help me with their websites. And I helped a few of my fellow llama breeders with their websites and then gave a few talks on using websites to promote llamas.  From that I started getting requests to help with llama web sites.  That evolved into helping them with their other business's websites.  Then I decided to take the show on the road so to speak, hence this website.

All in all I have been working with computers for more than thirty years.  And have learned the value of keeping it simple.  This is so true of good websites.  I am a teacher at heart and still enjoy helping people create and update their own sites.  But I have found that most people have their own work to do and do not have time to keep up with their websites the way they would like.  So I decided to offer this service for the websites I design or redesign.

Every business should have a website. It is almost more important these days than a business card or brochure.  It is certainly the least expensive form of advertising.  And it is easy.  Many of the websites I have created started with nothing more than a piece of stationary with the company's logo and a few pictures.

A web presence can mean more business.  It can cut down on informational calls like requests for directions or a schedule of classes.  We have sold llamas to people literally around the corner who found us on the web.  Let me help you get out on the web or improve what you've already got out there.

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