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This was my first website.  I had to find a way to promote my own llama farm.  It totally turned around our business.  Almost all of our sales are generated by people finding our website.  The rest are repeat sales and referrals.  Great pictures are what draw people in.  Content is what keeps them coming back.

Renaissance Contract Lighting & Furnishings is an exciting new company with gorgeous products to showcase.  We're starting by putting their catalog on line to assist designers and get the word out about their unique furniture and lighting options. Our weekly Constant Contact Email campaign introducing new products has been extremely successful.  Inquires and orders have come in literally within minutes.

When I first started working with RAM, they didn't have a website so I created their first website from their brochure. Since then their promotional material has evolved and so I have been able to do much more with their website.

Allison-Brock, Inc. is a Specialty third-party administrator of voluntary union disability benefit plans  They wanted a red, white and blue theme with easy navigation so we kept it simple with a new logo and color scheme we can also use for their PowerPoint presentations.

RCLF Site Furnishings is a branch of Renaissance Contract Lighting and Furnishings that they want to market separately so we created another website to showcase just the site furniture.  So though there are links to each other they are totally separate websites. We send out weekly Constant Contact emails as well with great success.

Bowers Holiday Village is one of my accounting and database clients who needed a web presence to publish their rates, floor plans and an application form. So I created a slide show form exterior and interior photos on the home page and the Floor Plans page.

An accounting client has opened a new business and needed a web presence and new logo as soon as possible.  We worked together to pick her color scheme and create her logo.  More to come.

This was a badly needed redesign.  The original website was actually two websites that linked back and forth to each other.  I restructured the navigation to one site and scanned project photos to illustrate what services and products they offered.  I inverted their logo from black to white and added pages.

Animal websites are my favorite to do.  My client has an existing sheltie website with which I needed to stay consistent, so I matched the logo for the Sheltie site and reversed the color scheme from blue on purple to purple on blue.  I have mimicked the effect of matting a painting and found a real picture of an Aurora Borealis with our color scheme.

CJ Asphalt Paving is one of my accounting clients whose website needed a face lift. I created a logo from there name and incorporated the logos of the products they sell.  I found a background that looked like asphalt and used the text and pictures from their old site to showcase what they do.  We will continue to update their site as they photograph their completed projects.

I originally created this website in 2004 as a one page business card website and it was successful to get the name out.  But now I am happy to say we have fleshed this out to a full blown website.

Mini-Word Child Care Center is another database client who asked me to help create a website.  I had fun creating the wall paper with children's handprints.  When they opened a new center they told me most of their new parents found them from the website.  With this site they can publish the new rates and holiday schedules at the beginning of each year.

This is another example of a Web Site Redesign.  The original web site was created by just inserting a .jpg on each webpage.  So it was impossible for my client to make changes. Plus it took forever for the pages to load and the text was difficult to read.  So I rebuilt all the pages and now it loads faster and my client can add to it and make changes.

This is another site I have taken over.  It was very well designed.  It just needed a little tweaking, such as changing the wall paper from almost white to a deep blue with a light blue stripe that adds depth and matches the existing colors.  This especially enhanced the pages of the pictures of their products that I reworked for consistent size and content.

Lea sent me the graphic file of her logo, a CD with photos and a write up of her farm for her website.  For now I just created a home page with the material she sent me.  And we can add pages as her farm needs grow.  So Sam and Lea now have a web presence with a place to show what llamas they have for sale.

Drive Line Truck Services sent me their business card and emails outlining what they do.  I created a new logo for them based on the initials they use and the fact they are an authorized NAPA parts supplier and own a NAPA parts store.  In about a week before we even had the equipment for sale page completed they have made sales from being found on the web.

It's always fun for me to create a llama website especially if some of the llamas are from my farm.  Darlene Awarski worked with me to create her new logo and home page.  We went through a pile of photos and CD's of digital photos to pick the best for the site.  As her mini llama farm grows the site will grow.  For now we have the home page and a For Sale page to get her farm out there on the web.

Rocky Mount Tractor's site is a hybrid of using their vendors websites for product information and their own pages for the store information and to sell used equipment.  I made the design as straightforward as possible so that they can make their own updates. We are also using Constant Contact for email marketing. Within days of launching the new website they made their first sale from being found through this website.

From a piece of stationary, a cd of photos and  a publisher file showing what pictures went with what text.  DSR's website was created. The logo was scanned from the stationary and reworked until it looked good on the web. The photos were optimized and added to the text.